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Dale Martin


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5-star rated on Readers' Favorite

The Lineage

The Lineage is a sci-fi/fantasy thriller about duty, sacrifice, and faith. With stakes as high as the fate of an entire planet and with consequences that could reach across galaxies, Wes Aettian must grow into the man he's not ready to be to lead the fight against absolute darkness. 

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The intricate plot and compelling characters kept me racing through the pages. The character development arc is impeccably accomplished, the conflict is skillfully written, and the entire story, although a fantasy, brims with realism. The Lineage was a brief, yet perfect escape for me.

5 Stars

Grace Masso

Readers' Favorite


I loved how well Dale Martin mixes faith, science fiction, fantasy, and action together to bring readers an entertaining story. The action was non-stop, there was never a dull moment in The Lineage, and I enjoyed how the pace never slowed down.

5 Stars

Rabia Tanveer

Readers' Favorite

The Lineage is a wonderfully thrilling book. The writing is spot-on, from the dripping of snow melt, to the scent of death, to the ever-present love of God. Dale Martin has done a fantastic job of bringing you into a world similar to Earth, but unique in so many ways.

5 Stars


Nicole Moser

Readers' Favorite

About Dale Martin

Dale Martin is a copywriter by trade and has owned his own creative advertising agency since 1989.  After decades of writing thousands of brochures, print ads, and radio and TV commercials, Dale has turned to his true passion -- storytelling. His goal is to craft tales that entertain his readers, encourage them to think outside the bubbles we all live in, and hopefully -- in the end -- inspire them, if even just a little.


Dale currently lives in a suburb of St. Louis, MO. He's a husband, father, Cardinals fan, Christ follower, and best friend to a black lab named Pepper.

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