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More About The Lineage


Sometimes, we're forced into situations for which we’re not ready. Sometimes, we have to take on responsibilities we want no part of. Sometimes, our world comes crashing down all around us and we have decisions to make, but few clear options for what to do or whom to trust. It’s in those moments when we truly discover who we are.


In The Lineage, that’s what faces Wes Aettian, a young man who suddenly finds himself succeeding his father as King of a once-free but now conquered people and leader of an underground resistance. He must overcome his insecurities and make decisions he’s not prepared to make, ordering people into danger and putting lives at risk. He has to deal with a stinging betrayal that puts him and the resistance in terrible danger. Worse, he’s faced with more than overwhelming odds, but an evil he never imagined possible, even in his worst nightmares. 


To defeat this frightening enemy and lead his people back to freedom, he must learn that above skill, courage, experience, and strategy, the key to victory is faith.

The Lineage is a unique tale that combines the hallmarks of a military-based science fiction thriller with elements of fantasy and religious faith, and while the setting is alien, it's reflective of our own world and our own battles.

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